Women’s Groups


The group normally meets at 2.30 pm on the first Friday of every month, at St Peter’s Church Centre, but please check the calendar for any variation to the schedule. All are welcome and if you would like any further details, please contact Mrs Maureen Baines (mobaines@badgersend.com – 01424 813392 or any of the following:-

Gay Oliver – (01424) 813078

Vanessa Reid – (01424) 813955

Marian Ridley -(01424) 812862

Pat Staines – (01424) 812034



6 January “What have you resolved?” Members’ afternoon
3 February “I forgive you” Sue Young
3 March Women’s World Day of Prayer at PETT METHODIST CHAPEL Prepared by Women of the Philippines
7 April “The Royal family and me” AND “”Save my life” Marcia Russell AND Dot & Liz
5 May “Currency of the Kingdom” Barry Turnwell
2 June “Volunteering at St. Michael’s Hospice” Jill Streeter & June Phillips
7 July Outing to Ashburnham (with afternoon tea!)
4 August “Hospital chaplaincy – A ministry of presence” Rev’d Graham Atfield
1 September “How did I get here?” Joan Burn
6 October “A night in the life of a street pastor” Val Relfe & her mentor
3 November “Remembrance Day” Rev’d Ian Pruden, Royal British Legion
1 December “Nine lessons and carols” plus a Christmas tea.






The Fairlight Guild normally meets from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon on the 4th Thursday of each month.

For more information please contact the Secretary, Mrs B A Ridler (01424 813472)