The Year of the Bible


A message from the Bishop of Chichester:
bible_year_logoThe Christian faith flows out of the holy Scriptures as the definitive guide to God’s love. But the Bible is not a dusty rule book. It comes in a rich wrapping of centuries of Christian experience and interpretation. We need to know it better and allow the experience of our own generation to be viewed through its rich message of hope, peace and joy for all people.
The Year of the Bible offers the people of the diocese of Chichester to take a closer look at this definitive guide. We could all benefit from learning more about its history and composition, about how it’s been read and interpreted, and how our modern outlook has to measure itself against the truth that rests in biblical stories, prayers, poetry and teaching and will outlive us all.
The first thing to do is reach for your Bible and examine it. I hope it is well used, like a diary or address book (if you have hard copies) or is a familiar and reliable App, if that’s your version. By the end of this Year, I hope that we shall all have a much greater command of how to find our way around the Bible, what the various books are, of Old and New Testaments, and how we find a biblical reference.
But that’s not all we want to achieve. Actually, that’s only the start. I hope this information will sharpen our appetite for discovering more about the layers of wisdom that are in the words of Scripture, how they have been interpreted and handed on, and how they connect with our life and experience today.
In one of the most beautiful stories in the Old Testament, the narrator says (in the King James version), “Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not.” Finding the Lord God in the pages of Scripture, present to us today in ways we did not know, is the demanding and amazing venture we now embark on together in the Year of the Bible.
+Martin Warner

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